What to Expect

Are you ready for your child to start their therapeutic journey? We have a transparent, simple process so you know exactly what to expect. Furthermore, we are here for any questions you have along the way. We can’t wait to work with you and your little one!

Step 1: Screening

You can start by scheduling a free 15-minute screening and filling out a client intake form for your child. We offer early childhood therapy screenings at our Little Rock, AR office. During our meeting, we will discuss your concerns and reasons for seeking therapy for your child. Based on the information you provide and the social history form, we’ll decide whether or not it’s necessary to move to the next step, evaluation.

Step 2: Evaluation

If we believe your child would benefit from our services, we’ll get the necessary paperwork from your doctor and move forward with an evaluation. Evaluation is simply our process for identifying your child’s challenges and strengths to determine what therapies may be beneficial. We’ll interpret the data and prepare the results once we’ve finished the evaluation, normally lasting between 1-2 hours.

Step 3: Sharing Evaluation Results

Once we’ve compiled a detailed report of the results, a treatment plan, and our recommendations, we will review it with you. We will explain what the results mean, the treatment we think is appropriate for your child’s needs, and what we recommend for your next steps. Sometimes, we may recommend your child begin one or more of our therapy services. In other situations, we may refer you to another provider who can better meet your child’s needs. We always put your child first; we want the best for them! We are also happy to answer any questions you may have.

Step 4: Therapy

If we’ve determined we are a great fit to help your child, we’ll jump into therapy! Whether your child is in speech, occupational, physical therapy, or a combination, we will ensure they are comfortable and have fun as they meet their goals! Our clients enjoy our sensory rooms, and we incorporate play into therapy as often as possible. If your child begins therapy, they will also get a loving community ready to support them and cheer them on as they progress.

Step 5: Practice

As your child learns new skills and strategies, they’ll practice them until they reach their goals! When they reach their goals, we’ll reevaluate and see if they need new goals or are ready to graduate from therapy. We are also assessing our clients’ progress and doing our best to encourage continued growth. We will celebrate all their successes along the way as they practice their newfound skills and strategies and gain independence and self-confidence!

Still have questions?

Give us a call! We love answering questions and providing as much help and support as possible. You can reach out today and schedule a free 15-minute screening.